“澳门永利集团手机版不会停止探索. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” T.S. Eliot


The Geography Department at Camp Hill provides a wide range of opportunities for the boys here at Camp Hill. 在研究地理, 他们对周围的世界有了更强的理解和理解能力, 理解和同情澳门永利集团手机版当地和更广泛的世界所面临的问题.


该部门拥有一套16台ipad, 还有两个房间里的交互式白板, a wide screen plasma TV and a fully digitised media library which can be accessed through a dedicated server. In addition to this the department also has its own library with over 100 books aimed at GCSE and A-level students, 以及订阅一系列期刊. Boys learn through a varied and diverse curriculum covering all aspects of physical and human Geography.


在学校里,澳门永利集团手机版有各种各样的实地工作机会, 七年级参观阿斯顿维拉足球场,九年级参观吉百利世界. This will be supplemented by new trips relating to the 2022 Commonwealth Games over the next couple of years. 澳门永利集团手机版还在学校校园和当地进行小规模的地理实地调查, 包括在七年级进行水循环调查, 8年级进行小气候研究,9年级在金斯希斯进行问卷调查. In addition to this have three orienteering courses around the school campus which students make use of in the summer. 


Boys study the Edexcel specification B at GCSE and conduct field work in Birmingham and the Carding Mill Valley, Shropshire. At A-level boys also study the Edexcel two year course and we conduct a residential field trip at the end of Year 12 with opportunities to study coastal geomorphology and socio-demographic change.


近年来,国务院多次成功出访中国, 日本,纽约,最近去了冰岛. 她计划在2020年10月返回冰岛.



Enrichment is about the opportunities we provide for our boys beyond the regular curriculum which enable them to excel and develop a stronger interest in the subject. At GCSE many boys subscribe to the WideWorld magazine and similarly at A-level boys subscribe to Geography Review magazine. 地理协会 run a number of talks and events throughout the year from university academics and experts in their field (see below), and the department has hosted the WorldWise Quiz for lower school students over the last three years with 14 teams from 8 schools taking part last year. We also take our A-level students to the Lapworth Museum of Geology at Birmingham University for some hands-on experience to support their study of tectonics. Students in Year 7 have the chance to enter the model volcano competition each autumn and in the summer the top students from each form are selected to compete in the Geography Form Challenge event. We also offer students the chance to enter national competitions such as the RGS Young Geographer of the Year.


2019-20年度,澳门永利集团手机版将申请生态学校奖.eco-schools.org.由布彻先生和一群学生领导. This will involve students from across all key stages working together to make the school a more environmentally-friendly place of work and study. 





  • 2019年9月24日星期二-“澳门永利集团手机版的可持续水的未来:一个来自许多大洲的故事”, Mark Mulcahy, 主要水文地质学家, Discipline Lead, Stantec & “水援助组织”大使


  • 11月19日星期二——“海平面变化:过去”, 现在及未来”肖博士, Research Fellow, 亚洲环境学院, 南洋理工大学, Singapore


  • 11月26日,星期二-“灾害管理中的社区恢复力”, 博士Yung-Fang陈, 考文垂大学灾害管理和应急计划高级讲师


  • 星期一2019年12月2日-“减轻, Adapt, 或遭受:将全球变化与局部影响联系起来”, 教授凯瑟琳·海霍, Texas Tech. University


  • 2020年1月13日星期一-“马拉维的发展”, Dr Dr Alan Dixon, 地理学首席讲师, 科学与环境研究所, 伍斯特大学, 与艾伯特Mvula, PhD Researcher, 伍斯特大学


  • 2020年2月3日星期一-“移动疟疾项目”, 乔治·巴斯比博士, 资深研究科学家, 大数据研究所, 牛津大学


How will I study?

Geography is very much a research based subject and boys will learn a range of skills through their school career which develop their ability to study independently. Field work is of course key and the boys develop their confidence using a broad range of fieldwork equipment such as sound meters, clinometers, callipers, 流量计和手持GPS装置. They also develop a range of data collection skills from questionnaire design to field sketching and the ability to plan, 分析和评估现场数据. 在课堂上,他们将研究技能作为学习的核心部分. 其他核心技能包括统计分析、制图、制图和数据分析.



The Russell Group Universities (the top 24 academic institutions in the UK) recommend the study of Geography as one of their ‘facilitating subjects’ which will enable you to gain access to the most competitive courses at the UK’s most prestigious universities. Each year several of our A-level Geographers go on to study Geography and closely related subjects at universities such as Durham, Leeds, Oxford, Exeter, 南安普顿和曼彻斯特. 


Geography develops an understanding and appreciation of the world around you and the new GCSE and A-level curricula enable you to understand topics such as geopolitics, economics, climate change, 自然灾害与城市化的关系更加密切. Sixth form students often opt to complete an EPQ on a relevant geographical topic of their choosing and those who go on to study Geography at university find it an engaging subject and an excellent springboard into a very diverse choice of careers.




Key Stage 3

Students study a wide range of topics which help develop the skills and understanding needed for further study at GCSE and beyond. As they progress through KS3 their study of the world widens from the national (UK in Year 7) to the regional (Europe in Year 8) to the global (Global geography in Year 9).


Year 7
流域与洪涝灾害公司. OS map skills
英国地理(有限公司. atlas skills)

体育地理(有限公司. 阿斯顿维拉旅行)


Year 8 

天气和气候(公司. 欧洲的地理位置)



Year 9
全球化与跨国公司(inc .. 吉百利世界之旅)


英联邦运动会研究. 问卷实地考察)

关键阶段4 (GCSE)

学生学习新的 Edexcel GCSE规范B 在10年和11年. Topics include:

  • 危险的地球(天气和构造灾害,以及气候变化)
  • 发展动态
  • 城市化世界的挑战
  • 英国不断演变的自然景观(河流和海岸)
  • 动态的英国城市
  • 人和生物圈


Field trips are run to the Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire in Year 10 and Birmingham City Centre in Year 11.

关键阶段5 (A级)

Students will continue to develop analytical and research skills in the two-year A-level course. We study the 艾希德a级规范 其中包括一系列人文和自然地理主题. Boys are expected to develop their independence and wider reading throughout the course and towards the end of Year 12 they begin their Independent Investigation on a topic of their choosing in the local area or beyond. To prepare them for this we run a residential field work trip in the summer of Year 12 which helps them learn a wider range of field work and statistical skills than they will have done at GCSE.

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